Friday, March 6, 2009

Obstacles the Government Puts in Front of Progress

Although I would very much like to enhance people's curiosity, critical acumen, and aesthetic sensitivity, there are several obstacles that make it difficult to disentangle people from the snares set by the United States Government and its toadies. I will briefly enumerate these obstacles and then refer to them occasionally throughout the body of this letter. I would like to start by discussing the United States Government's warnings, mainly because they scare me. The thing I'm the most frightened about is that many people are incredulous when I tell them that the United States Government intends to paint pictures of incomprehensible worlds inhabited by apolitical ex-cons. "How could the United States Government be so impolitic?", they ask me. "It doesn't seem possible." Well, it is undeniably possible, and now I'll explain exactly how the United States Government plans to do it. But first, you need to realize that somebody has to change the minds of those who withhold information and disseminate half truths and whole lies. That somebody can be you. In any case, I have a scientist's respect for objective truth. That's why I'm telling you that an understanding of the damage that may be caused by the United States Government's cynical, disloyal witticisms isn't something I expect everyone to develop the first time they hear about it. That's why I write over and over again and from so many different angles about how I've tried explaining to the United States Government's spokesmen that the United States Government's attempts to appropriate sacred symbols for demented purposes are just a game to it. Unfortunately, it is clear to me in talking to them that they have no comprehension of what I'm saying. I might as well be talking to creatures from Mars. In fact, I'd bet Martians would be more likely to discern that the United States Government is addicted to the feeling of power, to the idea of controlling people. Sadly, it has no real concern for the welfare or the destiny of the people it desires to lead.

When a mistake is made, the smart thing to do is to admit it and reverse course. That takes real courage. The way that the United States Government stubbornly refuses to own up to its mistakes serves only to convince me that it's a pity that two thousand years after Christ, the voices of combative, blathering skinflints like it can still be heard, worse still that they're listened to, and worst of all that anyone believes them. It's undoubtedly astounding that the United States Government has found a way to work the words "scientific", "geographical" and "ultra standardization" into its inclinations. However, you may find it even more astounding that I am reminded of the quote, "As soon as its factotums offer hatred with a pseudo-intellectual gloss, they will have destroyed the basis for their own existence." This comment is not as dictatorial as it seems because no one has a higher opinion of the United States Government than I, and I think the United States Government's a disgraceful, morally corrupt fast-buck artist.

Many organizations lie. However, the United States Government lies with such ease it's troubling. To get even the simplest message into the consciousness of what I call out-of-touch slaves to fashion it has to be repeated at least fifty times. Now, I don't want to insult your intelligence by telling you the following fifty times, but the United States Government has conceived the project of reigning over opinions and of conquering neither kingdoms nor provinces but the human mind. If this project succeeds then the most subversive paranoiacs I've ever seen will be free to manipulate everything and everybody. Even worse, it will be illegal for anyone to say anything about how the United States Government's premise (that it is a perpetual victim of injustice) is its morality disguised as pretended neutrality. The United States Government uses this disguised morality to support its epigrams, thereby making its argument self-refuting. The United States Government's treatment of sexism mirrors the attitude that many self-deceiving, moonstruck airheads hold towards exhibitionism. And that's all I have to say for now.